Comfort Matters: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Shoes

In choosing footwear, it’s not enough that they fit well and look good. The pair of shoes you wear need to be comfortable.

Especially when you are always on the go, your shoes can make a difference in how you perform in your everyday routine. Be it in sports, simple exercise, running errands, or simply being on your way to your job.

In fact, the human foot is considered one of the most complex parts of the body, according to John Hopkins Medicine. Each is made up of 26 bones connected together by joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When one part is damaged, it affects the rest of it.

Meanwhile, the most common foot problems are a bunion, ingrown nails, hammer toes, corns, and calluses. These conditions are generally caused by wearing the wrong type of shoe. They are either the wrong size resulting in deformities, or too thin and flimsy that they lack proper arch support.

Ultimately, the pain and discomfort in your feet can greatly impact your mobility throughout the day. And when left unattended, it may lead to posture problems and serious health conditions.

In this blog, we provide helpful tips for choosing the pair of shoes that let you maximize your day, allowing great movement for a more productive day.

We also include a list of brands trusted by experts to help you easily find the right pair that would keep you moving.

Checklist to selecting the right shoes

Insoles have good arch support

The arch is the curved area between the heel and the ball of the foot. The arch creates equilibrium and provides stability whenever you walk, jog, or run to adjust to the surface you are walking on. So to say, to make moving along easy and prevent falling or tripping.

There are three types of feet arches: normal arch; flat arch; and high arch. This is why it is essential to know your arch type to be able to choose a shoe with insoles that complete the feature of your feet. You can read Mayo Clinic’s guide to determine your foot arch.

One brand that offers a wide range of great footwear for every arch type is Brooks Running. Their shoes are easily accessible in many retail stores all over the US.

  • Brooks Ghost vs Brooks Adrenaline

Their Brooks Ghosts shoes collection is recommended for individuals with neutral to high arches because of their advanced cushioning technology. Meanwhile, their Brooks Adrenaline shoes are ideal for those with low arches as the insoles are designed to support the specific arch type.

Learn more about their shoes and other amazing features.

Spacious and wide

Some health diseases, like diabetes, can significantly impact one’s feet. People with diabetes often deal with recurring open wounds (called foot ulcers) and infections. Wearing tight shoes can lead to moisture build-up that, in return, might cause fungal infection and blisters.

If you or a loved one have diabetes and are looking for a type of shoe that offers excellent comfort in every wear, you can visit your local podiatrist to assist you with getting the custom-made shoes that work for your condition.

  • Diabetic Shoes

These days, you can get shoes that are custom-made to tailor to your problem and give you the comfort you deserve as you go about your day. Shoes designed specifically for people with diabetes have protective features like a padded collar around the ankle or a protective toe-box to keep that skin from developing serious problems.

Most importantly, diabetic shoes are made with lightweight, breathable, and flexible material to prevent pain and discomfort at every step.

You either have in-depth shoes, custom-made shoes, or custom-made shoe inserts. Learn more about diabetic shoes.


If you are into active outdoor activities like hiking, then it is essential to have footwear that can withstand rough paths and trails while sustaining your feet’s comfort.

Boots with non-slip features help prevent accidents like falling or tripping as you climb mountains and explore the outdoors. Merrell Works is a trusted brand that specifically provides quality outdoor active footwear.

They also have a collection of shoes that are designed for the snow season and for those whose job requires them to stand for long periods every day.

Stylish and versatile

Style is one thing that you can’t give up when choosing footwear. After all, it is important to deliver an impression wherever you go. It pays to have footwear that you can wear all day with ease and is also perfect for any occasion and season.

In designing their orthopedic shoes and insoles, Vionic combines comfort and style in their pieces. They offer a great selection of supportive and trendy footwear with special 3-zone cushioning technology.


The right shoe can make a difference in your life. People dealing with foot-related problems know this all too well. And while all sorts of supportive and advanced footwear are available these days, it is always better to seek proper care and professional advice from an expert. That way, you guarantee that you can reap the benefits and walk with ease, and at the same time, you get your money’s worth.

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