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“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

– Leonardo da vinci
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I was so impressed with my experience at 26 Foot and Ankle. All of the staff were so helpful and the doctor was so patient and genuinely concerned. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs help with their feet or toes, this group is really amazing.

Patient Testimonial

Friends, if any of you are having foot or ankle problems I highly recommend 26 Foot and Ankle in Madison. Madison isn’t a bad drive. Dr. Chris Menke is an awesome podiatrist. He operated on a torn ligament that I have been suffering with for over 32 months after being told from another doctor it was severe tendinitis. My operation was July 3rd and I now have permission to ease back into golf. I also have to brag about my scar, what scar? You can’t hardly see it. Thanks to Dr. Chris and his staff for their excellent service!

Nancy Buchanan

I had to take the time to write this review! Dr. Christopher Menke is one of the best! I always wanted to have corrective foot surgery but was hesitant to do so. I searched for over 10 years to find the right doctor that I felt understood my personal needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better foot doctor and office staff. The office was over an hour away but was worth me making the drive. I had bone corrective surgery on both my feet. Dr. Menke always took the time to explain everything to me and provided the best solution for me. The process and progression of the recovery went very well. Dr. Menke made sure there was little to no scaring. The transformation has been amazing! I’m so thankful to Dr. Menke and his staff.

Janola Wood

I would give this office ten stars if I could. Today I was a new patient, and the check-in process was by far the simplest I’ve ever encountered. After completing check-in, I was taken to the back for x-rays and then to a room. Dr. Chris came in quickly, reviewed my x-rays with me on a large tablet screen, and was really clear about the location of the fracture. Fortunately, I did not need surgery, but if I did, I would choose Dr. Chris. He was quite courteous and took his time with me, unlike most physicians. He put on a cast and ensured my comfort during the entire procedure. I would refer ANYONE to Dr. Chris and his crew! They were fantastic and ensured that all of my questions were addressed. I can’t wait to return and explore the amazing variety of Brooks tennis shoes.

Kelsey Craig

Everything was great, had an ingrown toenail and needed to get it fixed for sports. Dr Menke was awesome, got 2 shots which I could barely feel and never even felt it when he was working on my toe. Even with no pain he made sure to ask me if I was doing okay and told me what was going to happen before he did it. 12/10

Aiden Bramlett

Dr. Menke is the best! He removed an ingrown toenail for me. He showed compassion for my care. He did not act as if this was just a daily part of his career. He did a great job removing the nail with no pain at all! The front desk staff were very diligent with informing me with my care afterwards. They even did a patient review call after just to check on my toe! Great doctor and staff, I would recommend this doctor to anyone!

Hailey Mason

Display your feet with confidence.

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