DME: Wound Vac

The 26 Review

  • What is a wound vac A wound vac is a medical device that is used to manage and heal complex wounds through controlled suction therapy 
  • Why Accelerates healing for deep, hard to heal wounds
  • Recommended For Non-infected deep wounds, non-healing surgical incisions, and chronic ulcerations with significant drainage
  • Common Conditions Diabetic foot and leg ulcers, post-operative wounds

Let’s take a closer look…

A wound vac, also known as a negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system, is a medical device used for the management and healing of complex wounds. It involves the application of controlled negative pressure, or suction, to a wound site using a specialized dressing and a vacuum pump. There are several different components that make up a wound vac system. The first component is the dressing, which is a special foam or gauze that is applied directly to the wound bed, creating a seal environment that helps to draw out excess fluid. Next, there is flexible tubing which connects the wound dressing to the vacuum pump. And lastly, the vacuum pump is the main component of the wound vac system. It generates and maintains the negative pressure required for the therapy. The pump may be portable or stationary, depending on the specific device used.


There are a few main benefits of using a wound vac and those advantages include the following:

  • Improved Wound Healing
  • Enhanced Wound Closure
  • Reduced Infection Risk
  • Management of Exudate
  • Increased Patient Comfort

Snap Vac

The snap vac is a mechanically powered wound vac system. This specific system combines the simplicity of advanced wound dressings with the benefits of negative pressure therapy, all while discreetly designed. This device works by promoting wound healing through removing small amounts of excess fluids, infectious material, and tissue debris. The advanced hydrocolloid dressings enable flexibility and a tight bending radius for wounds found in hard to reach areas. In addition, the dressings can be cut-to-length and integrate one-way flow. Overall, this product preserves and improves the patient’s quality of life. It does so by minimally interfering with the overall activity and sleep of an individual. In conjunction, it is small, discreet, and silent in design, so that it can be easily hidden under clothing. Patients should notice the snap vac does not restrict one’s mobility, but rather allows patients to move freely while treating their wounds. 

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