Brooks Ghost vs Brooks Adrenaline

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  • What is Brooks Running Brooks Running is an American sports company that specializes in the design of high-performance men’s and women’s sneakers, clothing and accessories. 
  • Company Pillars Comfort, durability, accessibility, and eco-friendly
  • Footwear Categories Road, trail & hiking, treadmill & gym, racing and walking
  • Recommended For Everyday walking and running
  • Brooks Ghosts Ghosts are specially crafted with advanced cushioning technology for neutral to high arches
  • Brooks Adrenalines Adrenalines are designed to offer support and softness in flat arches

Let’s take a closer look…

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Brooks Running is one of the leaders in supportive footwear today. This company has been creating and continuously evolving since 1914. Their shoes and gear all have one thing in common, making sure each run is better than the last. Although this may seem simple enough in principle, Brooks utilizes the best designers and engineers to achieve this goal. Brooks’ researchers study running science so that they can better understand the ins and outs of the feet, while consumers worry about the physical activity. Putting it simply, Brooks has the intention of creating the best running shoes and gear for you, as well as themselves. There isn’t a shoe that one of their employees hasn’t run or walked in. In company with their mission statement, Brooks Running has implemented environmentally conscious practices into their manufacturing and business practices.

Several of their shoe models are designed with High Performance Rubber Green (HPR Green) soles, which are made with sand instead of petroleum. The company has also stated that wherever they can fit in recycled materials into the shoe, they will. That being said, recycled materials have been used to create laces, fabrics, hang tags, and packaging. Lastly, Brooks Running shoes are great for those battling diabetes. Seeing as diabetes can cause a myriad of symptoms, including numb or tingling feet, dry skin, sores, and much more. Podiatrists have approved Brooks Running shoes to provide comfort, relief, and support for those struggling with diabetes. Brooks Running continues to create podiatrists approved shoes, in conjunction with environmentally friendly shoes. 

Motion Control Shoes vs Neutral / Stability Shoes

Motion control shoes are shoes created specifically for people who have flat feet. These shoes have extra support, except they are designed for runners who severely overpronate. Overpronators tend to overly flatten their feet, while in a natural state or during physical activity. As the arch flattens and stretches, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are strained. With added arch and heel support in the shoe, excessive foot motion is limited. Motion control shoes are typically less flexible than neutral / stability shoes. Since motion control shoes limit motion, they are typically heavier and more durable, as there is more correction needed.

Neutral / stability shoes are shoes created for people with naturally high arches. These shoes have extra support through the midsoles and are designed for runners who underpronate. An underpronated foot may have an abnormally high arch or instep that allows little to no flexibility while standing, walking, or running. The heel of the foot often leans outward, applying more weight on the outer edge of the foot. These types of shoes encourage the foot into a more neutral position when it hits the ground. Neutral / stability shoes on average are designed lighter than motion control shoes, because there are less additional technologies needed to provide the extra support.


Brooks Running’s Ghost shoes were introduced in 2008 with the goal of creating a go-to neutral shoe for runners. The three main features of the shoe are soft cushioning, smoother transitions, and improved fit. The midsoles are made of 100% DNA LOFT cushioning materials, allowing these shoes to remain soft, durable, and not too squishy. With a soft midsole and the segmented crash pad there is a significant difference when your foot strikes the ground. This technology allows for the transition between landing to toe-off to become smoother, so smooth you shouldn’t notice any shifting around. Brooks Ghost shoes utilize adaptive comfort technologies, in order to ensure stretch and structure within their shoes. By using these new technologies they have nearly mastered a shoe that adjusts comfortably to your foot with every step. These shoes in specific are recommended for people with neutral to high arches.

Recent Customer Review


“I’ve always kept the same shoes for too long and usually had only one pair of running shoes at a time. After trying these, I immediately purchased a second pair of ghosts. I was recovering from major surgery after being unable to walk for more than 10 minutes for over a year. During recovery, wearing my old shoes I could walk .5 miles. I purchased these ghosts and was immediately able to walk 2 miles (now I’m at 4!) And it’s allowed me to progress in physical therapy so much more than before. These shoes may very well have saved me.”


Brooks Running Adrenaline shoes were created for those who have flatter arches. Brooks’ goal for introducing the Adrenalines was to help runners remain in their natural stride without overcorrection. Overtime, the Adrenalines became lighter, softer, with smoother transitions, and holistic support. With their smart support ideals, Brooks’ guide rails technologies add support by keeping excess movement in check, so that your natural stride is supported, but not overcorrected. Like the Ghosts, the Adrenalines also utilize 100% DNA LOFT cushioning for a softer, smoother ride. Their cushioning technologies react to your unique stride and morph to fit your foot. Adrenaline’ smooth transitions are also closely related to the Ghosts. The midsoles and segmented crash pads work in conjunction, in order to create an easier transition from landing to toe-off. As mentioned previously, Adrenalines are typically curated for those who have flatter arches.

Recent Customer Review


“I have been jogging in the Adrenaline GTS series for years now and with every new series and especially the GTS 22 I have been very happy with the support, stability and cushioning.”

“Best shoe for pronation. I pronate and was suffering from plantar fasciitis when I first switched to these shoes. I haven’t had any pain since! Also there is no break in period for me. I put them on brand new and they work great no issues.”

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