Spa: Ingrown Toenail Bands

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  • What are Toenail Bands? A Cut-Free, Surgery-Free, Pain Free correction system for ingrown toenails, twisted toenails, painful toenails
  • Why An alternative treatment option to surgical removal of an ingrown toenails
  • How A composite band is spread on the toenail and realigns the toenail like how braces align teeth
  • Recommended For Anyone who has or is beginning to develop an ingrown toenail or twisted toenail
  • Length of Treatment Ranges between 6 – 8 months; Results may vary depending on severity of the toenail
  • Downtime None

Let’s take a closer look…

Ingrown toenails occur when the corner or side of the affected toenail grows into the soft tissue / skin along the side of the toenail. It is common to experience symptoms like pain, swelling, redness, warm sensation and even infection. Some individuals who suffer with ingrown toenails or curved toenails fear going to the doctor. Ingrown toenail bands, in short, are a painless nail correction system for ingrown toenails that uses your own toenails’ natural growth to eliminate ingrown toenails and prevent them in the future. The beauty of the system is that it requires no cutting, no surgery and no down time. It is a painless application and is an effective way of dealing with the curvature of the toenail at the source.

Why Ingrown Toenail Bands

Ingrown toenail bands offer an alternative option for those who suffer with painful curved toenails and ingrown toenails. Essentially, the toenail band trains the nail to grow out straight rather than curved to eliminate the ingrown toenail and its complications at the source. This process avoids any surgical procedure on the toenail by correcting the toenail through a natural process of growth, similar to the way braces work on teeth. Since application of the toenail band occurs on the top of the toenail, there is no possibility of exposing the undersurface of the toenail where fungus and bacteria can grow and damage the toenail. Additionally, this treatment option is unlike traditional ways of treating an ingrown toenail, as the System is a completely pain-free experience with no downtime. In fact, you can still get a waterless pedicure immediately after a toenail band application and toenail polish can be used on the toenail. Lastly, the toenail band is suitable for all ages and in patients with diabetes and or poor circulation who are looking for an alternative treatment option.

How: Steps of Toenail bands

The toenail will be prepared for application, which includes removing any polish or decoration on the toenail. After the toenail is cleaned, and buffed, the toenail band composite is shaped on the nail and hardened with an ultraviolet light. Over time as the toenail grows, the nail correction system guides the toenail to flatten out, alleviating the effects from the ingrown toenail. Results will vary between individuals as the degree of toenail curvature is patient dependent. It typically takes 6 -9 months for a toenail to grow out, but it can take longer in previously damaged toenails. It will require this amount of time to complete the process of unfolding the toenail and re-curving it to the appropriate degree. The toenail band strip will be removed off of your nail when it is determined to have completed its purpose.

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