Wound Care Therapy: Mist Ultrasound  

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  • What is Mist Ultrasound Therapy A painless, low frequency treatment for the healing of advanced or chronic wounds
  • Why An alternative, painless solution for patients suffering from acute or chronic wounds
  • How This therapy delivers low frequency ultrasound to the treatment site using saline. The mist promotes wound healing through cleansing and removal of fibrin, yellow slough, tissue exudates, and bacteria
  • Recommended For Patients struggling with acute, chronic wounds, or painful wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers, traumatic/pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, deep tissue injuries, and surgical wounds
  • Length of Treatment This treatment is done over a course of sessions. The amount of sessions will vary depending on the severity of the wound(s)
  • Downtime None
26 Foot and Ankle Sanuwave UltraMist Wound Therapy

Let’s take a closer look…

UltraMIST therapy has been clinically proven to promote healing across a wide range of acute and chronic wounds. Different from most wound therapies, this procedure is not limited to treating the wound at the surface. This alternative wound care procedure delivers low frequency ultrasound waves to the treatment site using noncontact fluid, better known as saline. The system then produces a low energy ultrasound generated mist to promote wound healing. Wound healing is promoted through cleansing and removal of harmful or damaged tissues and bacteria found within the wound. UltraMIST therapy usage of acoustic wave therapy has proven to promote healing by controlling inflammation and reducing bacteria in the wound. Furthermore, this therapy also increases angiogenesis which promotes the regeneration of blood vessels and in turn aids in wound healing. In conjunction, to promote healing, this therapy ultimately increases oxygen levels and nutrients for the tissue.

How: Steps of Mist Ultrasound Therapy

The UltraMIST system offers important wound healing advantages by activating the body’s normal regeneration process. At first, it reduces the healing barriers by reducing bacterial overgrowth, controlling inflammation, and disrupting bacterial biofilms. During this time, the UltraMIST system promotes healing through accelerating angiogenesis and by vasodilation. To accelerate wound healing between sessions other standard or advanced wound therapies may be incorporated, at the discretion of a medical professional.

Benefits of Mist Ultrasound Therapy

As mentioned previously, this therapy has been clinically tested and has much evidence in cases of diabetic foot ulcers, traumatic/pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, deep tissue injuries, and surgical wounds. A meta-analysis of the clinical evidence shows the rate of wound closure increased from 24% with standard care to 42% with mist ultrasound therapy over a 12-week interval. The result of this therapy is fast relief and an overall better quality of life for patients, in combination with time and resources being exhausted. This therapy is a financially viable solution for patients, providers, and the healthcare system as a whole. The following list includes wound healing benefits thanks to mist ultrasound therapy.

  • Painless. This wound therapy option is a great alternative to traditional wound debridement techniques for those individuals who experience significant pain from the wound.
  • Reduces a wide range of bacteria including VRE, MRSA, Acinetobacter, and E. Coli due to low frequency and noncontact ultrasound waves causing bacterial cell death
  • Disrupts bacterial biofilms. These biofilms are structured tightly and enclosed within a self-produced matrix, making them hard to get rid of. The mist ultrasound system dramatically reduced the density of the bacteria
  • Controls inflammation which can be beneficial because reducing stained levels of inflammation allows wounds to progress in the healing process
  • Improves Vasodilation which is required to promote wound and tissue healing. Good blood flow is incredibly crucial for deep tissue pressure injuries
  • Accelerates Neovascularization and Angiogenesis. New blood vessel formation is a crucial component of wound healing because new capillary development and growth are needed to repair damaged tissue.

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