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  • What is a Laser Pedicure? A medical grade pedicure in a waterless setting that utilizes laser technology
  • Why To provide maximum sterility, prevent cross contamination, and promote optimal foot health
  • How Cross contamination prevention through a waterless setting and medical grade instrument sterilization
  • Recommended For Individuals concerned with cleanliness and toenail fungus, at-risk individuals (diabetics), recent surgery
  • Length of Treatment 40 Minutes

Let’s take a closer look…

Like most individuals, you probably already know someone with abnormal looking toenails, and you want to ensure your toenails stay healthy. For some of you, you may already have concerns about one of your own toenails! Concerned about catching a toenail fungus or already show signs of this, our physician developed pedicures offer the most sanitary pedicure to ensure maximum care in treating your toenails and feet. Pedicures are performed by a licensed master pedicurist while utilizing hospital grade sterilization techniques and physician backed laser services to give you the confidence to sit back and relax while we care for your feet!

Why Choose Our Pedicure

While a physician’s office may not be your first thought when scheduling a monthly pedicure, here are a few things that set us apart from the average nail salon, and why you should consider your spa day with us this month!

  • Our Pedicures are performed in a medical office with an accessible foot doctor available to discuss any concerns
  • Our Pedicures are waterless which eliminates the risk of cross contamination
  • We utilize laser therapy on your toenails to protect and treat for unwanted bacteria and fungus
  • All instruments are medically grade sterilized before your pedicure
  • Pedicures are custom tailored to meet your specific needs

Waterless pedicures are the best way for us to ensure there is no cross contamination between patients. Your pedicure will still include scrubs, exfoliants and callus removal with hot towels and individually sterilized instruments packs. We are currently offering a variety of Waterless Laser Pedicure options including our physician curated “Post-Op Pedicure” (please see our spa menu below to determine what pedicure is right for you).


26 Foot and Ankle Waterless Laser Pedicures are performed by a licensed master pedicurist under the supervision of a podiatrist. After your nails are trimmed and buffed, we treat your nails with our unique laser toenail disinfection process to combat future fungal infections as well as to treat any compromised toenails. Hot towels are incorporated to enhance your experience, while a deep, hydrating leg and foot massage will rest and renew the senses. All instruments are individually packed and sterilized utilizing hospital grade sterilization techniques

Waterless Laser Pedicure FAQ’s

I just had surgery; can I get a waterless pedicure?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to! Our Post-Op Pedicures are done under the supervision of your surgeon and custom tailored with your specific surgery in mind. Individuals are eager for the deep clean of a pedicure after elective foot surgery, as the skin becomes beaten and battered after days of un-bathing due to normal incision site healing and from wearing surgical bandages. Opposed to traditional hot water pedicures, the waterless aspect of our pedicures is ideal to help facilitate tissue healing around the surgical site while rejuvenating your toenails and skin in the fastest time possible following your procedure. Not only do you put yourself at risk for infection from cross contamination in a water-based pedicure, but the hot water bath is the last thing you want to do while recovering from surgery. The hot water in the pedicure will cause increased swelling and ultimately increased pain in your foot.

Does the Laser hurt?

Laser therapy does not hurt. Some patients experience a warm sensation during the laser process that goes away once the treatment is finished.

Do you apply nail polish?

No, we do not offer polish applications. We leave your toenails clear to allow them to breath opposed to the sealant effect that nail polish has on the toenail. This helps optimize the overall health and natural appearance of your toenails.

Waterless Laser Pedicure Menu

Post-Operative Pedicure

Thank you for entrusting us with your foot surgery! Now that you’re back on your feet, let our licensed master pedicurist help revitalize your tissue with a safe waterless pedicure customized by your surgeon. Our physician guided pedicure will not only consider your current healing status but also factors easily overlooked by an average pedicurist that may harm your surgical site. Included in your pedicure is our Laser Therapy techniques which helps with tissue repair and healing.

26 Waterless Laser Pedicure

Our signature pedicure allows you to truly sit back and relax as we help to rejuvenate your nails and feet. After your nails are trimmed and buffed, we treat your nails with our unique Laser Toenail Disinfection process. A thermal scrub exfoliates and softens your skin while calluses are treated and removed. A heated towel wrap is offered to those patients approved by our physician followed by a deep revitalizing leg, foot and ankle massage to rest and renew the senses.

26 Fire & Ice Laser Pedicure

This super rejuvenating pedicure will warm your senses and cool your tension! Enjoy an exfoliating hot towel wrap that envelope your feet to soften and smooth the skin. The exfoliating scrub and hot towel wrap further enhances your experience as it is combined with a foot and ankle massage. Savor the sublime as your feet and lower legs are then soothed with a physician exclusive menthol camphor gel and ice ball massage. This combination of hot and cold reduces inflammation and relieves tired, achy feet.

General Information

Laser Toenail Packages can be purchased at the end of your session if you’d like to continue laser therapy on any stubborn fungal toenails. Read more about our Laser Toenail Treatment

Spa guests must be at least 8 years of age and accompanied by an adult also receiving a service. Only guests receiving services are permitted in the spa center. Please DO NOT shave legs within 24 hours of your appointment and please remove all nail polish prior to arriving. All products are pharmaceutical grade, non-occlusive, and safe for diabetic patients. Insurance plans will not cover any spa services. Cash, credit, or debit cards are accepted. A 24-hour cancellation notice is required; otherwise, a $25 charge will be incurred. Gift certificates are available for our Laser and Medical Foot Spa services.

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