Therapy: Neuropathy Electrical Stimulation 

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  • What is Neuropathy Neuropathy is nerve damage that causes pain, weakness, and numbness in feet
  • What is Electrical Stimulation Electrical Stimulation is a non-narcotic, non-surgical, and non-invasive procedure used to alleviate tingling, numbness, and burning pain
  • Why Patients who don’t respond to OTC and/or prescription medications may need to undergo electrical stimulation therapy to effectively treat their chronic nerve pain
  • How Electrical Stimulation uses a highly sophisticated and wide frequency electronic signal to treat neuropathy symptoms at the cellular level
  • Recommended For Anyone who has seeked treatment for neuropathy and have yet to see long lasting results
  • Length of Treatment Patients should expect their treatments to last around 20-40 minutes. Depending on the severity of the neuropathy, the total number of treatment sessions can be between 8-12 or as high as 16-24.
  • Downtime None
26 Foot and Ankle Vascular Neuropathy Electrical Stimulation

Let’s take a closer look…

Neuropathy is nerve damage that can occur in feet due to injury, infection, pre-existing health conditions, or exposure to toxins. This ailment can cause a variety of sensory symptoms to occur. Some of these symptoms include numbness, burning, sharp pain, reduced sensations to hot or cold items, prickling or tingling sensations, and a loss of balance or coordination. Symptoms can cause challenges in everyday life by making it difficult to walk, stand, run, and/or sleep. Electrical stimulation or Neurogenx treatment is unlike any procedure currently available, while being 100% FDA cleared. This treatment utilizes a technologically advanced medical device called the Neurogenx 4000Pro. Neurogenx patients have been able to regain improved range of motion, balance, sensation, and restful sleep with this treatment. In addition pain and numbness has also been eliminated for Neurogenx patients.

Why Electrical Stimulation

Neurogenx Therapy offers an alternative option for patients suffering from chronic nerve damage. Most common treatment options for neuropathy include oral medications, topical treatments, and/or a combination of both. Both of these treatments can alleviate symptoms of neuropathy, however some patients may need a different plan of action to feel long lasting results. As mentioned previously, electrical stimulation offers a solution to nerve damage that avoids surgery and provides a better solution to chronic nerve pain in most patients. The Neurogenx treatment’s effectiveness stems from the device’s advanced medical technology. Seeing as the device operates at both a higher and wider frequency range than other devices, it allows the electronic signals to reach more types of cells and nerve fibers. The electronic signal is generated in a waveform similar to the ones found in everyone’s body. This compatibility allows for the signal to penetrate deeper and create a change at the cellular level, which encourages healing. The Neurogenx treatment is done over a period of time through treatment sessions. Depending on the severity of the neuropathy patients can expect to have 8 to 12 treatment sessions or 12 to 24 sessions. Most patients begin to notice improvements within their first 3 to 4 treatment sessions. The length of each individual treatment session is usually about 20 to 40 minutes. On average, patients will receive 2 to 3 treatment sessions per week. Patients who are pregnant, utilize pacemakers, or have spinal cord stimulators are not recommended to receive this treatment.

How: Steps of Electrical Stimulation

26 Foot and Ankle Vascular Neuropathy Pain

Before electrical stimulation therapy can occur, patients are highly encouraged to speak with their Podiatrist about any concerns or questions. Prior to a patient’s first treatment session a physical exam will be conducted and medical records will be examined. Treatment usually begins with an electrical signal alone, however low-dose anesthetic can be administered as needed at the discretion of a doctor. Local anesthetic addresses pain early and can help increase the permeability of the nerve membrane and accelerate results. The Neurogenx treatment safely delivers an electronic signal into the body’s deep tissues with the use of adhesive electrode patches. In conjunction with a patient’s treatment plan, the doctor will either place the electrodes on a specific portion of the foot or place them closer to a central nerve branch. By placing the electrodes on a central nerve branch, it allows the signals to treat a wider area of the body. After each electrical stimulation session, the physician will chart patient feedback about changes in pain and other symptoms. They will also assess improvement with physical tests. These tests could include stance stability, proprioception, plate balance testing to evaluate gait, and physical sensation. In addition, epidermal nerve fiber density testing(nerve biopsy) may be conducted prior to treatment, as well as 6 months after a treatment course has completed. During the restorative process it is normal to experience varying degrees of pain and sensation. As treatment progresses symptoms will begin to disappear and sensation within the foot will fully recover. If you’re currently experiencing neuropathy or chronic nerve pain consider speaking with your Podiatrist to see if electrical stimulation therapy is your next step.

Patient Testimonial

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for suggesting the nerve stimulation treatment for the numbness in my feet. As my first round of treatments come to a close, I am so very pleased with the improvement achieved in just these few weeks, and am looking forward to continuing the treatments for hopefully even more improvement. These results have given me a renewed enthusiasm to continue my other therapies to improve my ability to walk normally again. Visiting your office is always a pleasure, as your staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. They are very conscientious about my comfort and understanding of the procedures.”

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