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  • What is Vionic A premium orthopedic shoe brand combining style with built-in orthotic supports
  • Company Pillars • Made to Move You • Styles you want, Comfort you crave • Sustainability, Comfort, and Style
  • Product Categories Shoes and insoles
  • Footwear Categories Mens and womens everyday casual, formal, and professional shoes
  • Recommended For Individuals who struggle with plantar fasciitis, chronic foot pain, and overpronation
  • Top Styles Men & women’s classic walker sneaker, tide sandals

Let’s take a closer look…

Vionic was started by renowned Australian podiatrist Dr. Phillip Vasyli. As an avid surfer, Dr. Vasyli combined orthotic inserts with surfboard molding techniques to create supportive, trendy, and beautiful footwear. Dr. Phillip Vasyli had a dream to combine his career in podiatry with his hobby of surfing to design supportive and trendy footwear. Vionic has found a way to create all-day wear shoes with comfort technology, while keeping up with current style trends. They claim that no matter what shoes you’re wearing, you should feel great, look good, and feel comfortable too. Vionic has a wide array of shoes and insoles to choose from, no matter the occasion or season. For women, Vionic’s stylish loafers and comfortable flats are great for casual work environments, while their heels and wedges are perfect for a night out on the town. For men, Vionic has designed the perfect pair of sneakers to wear anywhere and anytime, while their dress shoes are made to impress in the office. Medical professionals and teachers alike have raved over Vionic’s supportive shoe options. Vionic makes it easy for their customers providing a 30 day wear test for guaranteed comfort. In conjunction with Vionic’s comfort technologies and trendy styles, they also practice and enforce sustainable designs and manufacturing processes. Continue reading to learn about this podiatrist approved company and all that goes into making crowd pleasing shoes and insoles.

26 Foot and Ankle Vionic Tide 3

Technologies Explained

Vionic has partnered with biomechanical experts to create their own personal innovation of Vio-motion technology. Vio-motion technology is integrated into every Vionic shoe designed to give customers 3 zone cushioning, for all-day comfort customers can feel. As mentioned, each shoe and insole is created to mimic custom molded orthotics with 3 zone cushioning, providing full contact support that hugs an individual foot’s curves. These zones broken down add stability in the heel, arch support, and added cushioning at the toes. That being said, the heel seat acts as a stabilizer and corrective positioner for the feet, due to the deep heel cup. The contoured orthotic footbed aids in adding additional support for the feet. Many of Vionic’s products carry the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval. All things considered, this company’s shoes have proven to help thousands of customers struggling with plantar fasciitis, chronic foot pain, and overpronation, due to their technologies.

Types & Styles

Classic Walker Sneaker

The classical walker sneaker is one of customers’ favorite work, play, and everyday shoes. It is designed to keep people moving with maximum comfort. Vionic’s Walker features Active Motion System (AMS) technology, conjoining their podiatrist-designed orthotic with a lightweight, breathable upper and a flexible, cushioned outsole. These shoes are created with premium, full-grain, water repellent leather or suede uppers. The uppers are breathable and lined with 100% polyester moisture wicking material. Combined with the wicking material, the PU foam base aids in reducing friction against skin. Walkers feature antibacterial top cloths to control foot odor, as well as a removable molded EVA midsole. Said midsole is built with a 0.5 inch elevation for a smooth transition in the heel-to-toe strike zone. The firm, thermoplastic heel counter provides increased stability and supper, while the rubber outsole grants improved traction. This shoe has received the APMA seal of acceptance.

Unisex Relief 3QTR Insole

Anyone looking for added rear-foot stability, look no further. This insole is a podiatrist-designed cost effective alternative to custom made orthotics. As a result of this, Vionic insoles offer a convenient, pain-free “natural healing” solution for most common aches and pains within the lower limb alignment. These orthotics are clinically proven to reduce excess pronation, which is a contributing factor to flat feet. The 3QTR insoles are designed for everyday use, including the following activities: walking, commuting, and casual/light hiking. Each insole features triplanar motion control to aid in stabilization, support, and realignment. They are lightweight and thin, although the deep heel cup is being utilized to correct customers’ foot positioning. The heel pad features shock absorption technology and there are also antibacterial odor absorbing covers. Vionic recommends replacing these orthotics every 12 months for optimal results. All in all these insoles are ideal for flat or low heeled shoes that do not have removable insoles.

Recent Customer Review

Classic Walker Sneaker


I received my walking shoes about 2 weeks ago and have worn them everyday. I have fallen arches and have worn custom made arch support since I was 17 y/o (many years ago). I have always been limited in regards to what type of shoe I can wear without the arch supports. Definitely nothing flat and sandals only if they had an enclosed heel. I saw your tidal wave flip flop sandals on QVC about 8 years ago and tried them. I am on my third pair. This is what prompted me to try the walking shoes. They are extremely comfortable and I can walk all day without back and knee pain. These will definitely be my go-to walking shoes.”

Unisex Relief 3QTR Insole

“LIFE SAVERS! I have been buying Vionic shoes for several years now. I learned about vionic while I was having problems with my feet as they started to pronate (roll in). The hospital was issuing awful insoles that wouldn’t fit in my shoes and then, later, even more awful shoes being suggested from their catalog. During these years I couldn’t/ wouldn’t wear dresses because of the terrible shoes I was wearing. Found the answer when googling – vionic! Now I wear nice shoes and the dresses are all worn again. These shoes are a godsend if you don’t want to look like goodness knows what! Thank You all at Vionic!”

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