“So if you want a podiatrist that is totally awesome, Dr Ram is the one, her consultations are fabulous she really reviews everything clearly and is very gentle and caring. She really knows how to treat you well and helps you understand your problem clearly, I feel really confident about her diagnosis and the recommendations she gave me to get my planters facilitas in check and help me relieve my pain. As we spoke I could tell she really understood the structure of the foot and the condition my feet were in and she could see that both my feet have problems not just one and she is so honest it is incredible. This doctor is really the best I have ever been to to help me move forward without pain thank you so much Dr Ram you’re so awesome.”

“My mom crushed her foot with a granite slab and was referred to Dr. Ram. She’s an incredible doctor who means business, gave all the details we could possibly need, and spent plenty of time with us. The staff here is incredible.”

Sarah Love

Great experience. Dr. Ram was very efficient and explained everything beautifully!

Deanne Maraj

I highly recommend 26 Foot and Ankle. I did not need a referral to be seen. The office staff and Dr Ram were super nice and thorough.

Elaine McFeely

Everyone is amazing. The office and examination room are immaculate. Dr. Ram and Banta are professional, friendly, super attentive and outstanding in every respect. The receptionist is equally unbelievable. I had a great many choices for a podiatrist, I DEFINITELY made the right choice. Thank you.

Paul Voigt

My experience here was great from start to finish. The staff was friendly, went the extra mile to take care of my needs, and the office spaces were clean and tidy, but my favorite part was the kind professionalism of Dr Ruchi Ram. I wish all my doctors were her. She is the reason I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Natalie Ginger

First appt!! Awesome experience.Ms. Banta was very diligent, professional and super sweet! Dr. Ruchi Ram was awesome as well! Very thorough and understanding. She listens to your concerns and addresses them accordingly. I completely recommend!!!

kisha reese