Simple yet Effective Ways  to Take Care of Your Feet if You Regularly Wear High Heels

For many women, heeled footwears are a staple fashion item. Wearing high-heeled shoes can make one look more feminine, attractive, and even powerful. But, as the old saying goes, pain is beauty and beauty is pain.

Although fashionable, they are uncomfortable to wear. After only a few hours of moving around wearing a stiletto, one will already experience pain and difficulty walking. Consequently, frequent and long-term use of high heels can result in serious damage to the heel bone, among others.

For that reason, it is important to take care of your feet to prevent pain and damage in the long run. Here are some simple yet effective ways you can add to your self-care routine, as well as helpful tips if you regularly wear high heels.

Choose the right heels

Above anything else, comfort is the top consideration for choosing the right high heels. Look for shoes with a wide and sturdy base so your toes have enough space to spread out. The ideal height for heels is 2-3 inches, although the lower, the better. That is because a low heel height will put less stress on your feet.

Remember that your feet are responsible for bearing your weight as you walk or run. So keeping the shoes at a comfortable heel height is crucial to keep them in optimal health.

Wear heels in moderation and take breaks.

As much as possible, wear flat shoes if you have an active everyday routine. But if wearing high heels is necessary for your job, then it is best to wear them for only short periods. This is especially important if it is your first time wearing one or not exactly used to them.

Prioritize taking breaks and change into flat shoes or comfortable slippers when you start to feel uncomfortable wearing them. Give your feet a chance to breathe and recover before wearing them again.

Moisturize your feet

Keeping your feet moisturized is important for everyone, even if you do not necessarily wear high heels. However, this is highly necessary for those who wear them to help prevent dry, cracked skin. Apply a good amount of moisturizer or regular lotion to your feet after you take a shower or bathe.

Soothe your feet

If your feet feel sore after a long day of wearing high heels, you can soak them in a warm bath or foot soak to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation if it’s swelling. If the pain persists for a few days, it is best to consult a specialistto get a proper diagnosis and receive the necessary treatment options in order to prevent serious damage.

But even if you do not necessarily experience aching on your feet, it is still recommended to exfoliate your feet once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells and prevent calluses.

Stretch your feet

Before and after wearing high-heeled shoes, remember to stretch your feet to help improve flexibility and improve circulation. To do so, simply point and flex your toes and then roll your ankles in a circular motion for a few minutes.

Take time throughout the day to stretch your feet a few more times, especially if you’re experiencing discomfort, to reduce the pain.

You can check out our recent blog on foot exercises that you can do at home for healthy feet by clicking here.

Wear socks

Most importantly, wear socks or stockings with your heels to prevent blisters. Constant friction between your foot and the shoe can lead to blisters. The socks can also absorb sweat, which helps keep your feet dry, preventing fungal infection due to moisture trapped inside. Also, to prevent injury as the socks keep your feet from slipping inside your shoes.

Additional tips to help you take care of your feet:

Wash your feet regularly to remove dirt, bacteria, and fungus, which may lead to problems like athlete’s foot. Remember as well to dry them thoroughly after washing to prevent fungal infection.

Lastly, trim your toenails frequently to prevent ingrown nails and keep them from breaking or getting caught on something, which can cause pain.

Keep in mind that while looking good is important to make an impression, especially in the workplace or when attending special events, it is just as important that you are comfortable – and your feet are. This is so you can perform your best and make the most of your day.

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